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The Second Baptist Church of N. Stonington was organized in 1765, with Elder Simeon Brown as pastor. (Alice Brown Morgan, our organist for over 50 years, is a direct descendant of Elder Brown and her great grandmother Sarah Brown Allen, who was also the church organist around the turn of the last century.)  Elder Brown was born in Stonington on January 31, 1723, and was converted under the preaching of Whitefield in 1745 and united with Rev. Stephen Babcock in forming the Baptist Church in Westerly, RI in 1750.  He was baptized by Rev. Wait Palmer in 1764, and was ordained the same year.  His pastorate and watchful care over this church extended fifty years and eight months until his death in 1815, a noble record to be engraved on his monument in Brown Cemetery in his native town.

Elder Asher Miner succeeded Elder Brown in 1815. Rev. Miner was born in N. Stonington on January 30, 1772, and was ordained in 1805 as associate pastor.  At Elder Brown’s death, he became sole pastor.  The church has been, and is still, called the “Miner Church”, although many living at this distant day believe it should have been called the Elder Simeon Brown Church.

Neither Elder Brown nor Elder Miner had the advantages of a collegiate or theological education, but both had natural endowments and a good understanding of the word of God.  Their highest aim and the crowning efforts of their lives were to lead men and women, old and young, to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Elder Miner had been trained by his illustrious predecessor, and had spent his whole life with this church.  Elder Brown had laid the sure foundation and was worthy to be followed.  There were yet living, in 1905, some who remember this saint of God, the tone of his voice, and the people who came in large numbers to attend divine worship.


During his pastorate, nearly five hundred entered into the fellowship of this church.   Despite much nearer churches at the time in Westerly, Stonington, and Mystic, people flocked to this old church in great numbers so that during this pastorate the church numbered, at one time, four hundred and eighty.  After thirty-one years of service, Elder Miner died September 1, 1836, and the people still worshiped in the old house.


Early Pastors of the church were Rev. Simeon Brown, Deacon Thomas Miner and Rev. Asher Miner.  It was commonly known as “The Miner Meeting House” for many years due to the consecration of Rev. Asher Miner.  Early records show that the church was built by the brethren (using lumber taken from Elder Brown’s cedar swamp) and stood for 80 years.  According to the records, there were seventy-four men who worked to take down the old structure, which was larger than the new church that was being built, and was finished in January 1845.  In the ceiling of the front porch can be seen some of the paneling, which is the only part left of the original building.

Although the church was organized in 1765, it was officially incorporated and the name was changed from “The Miner Meeting House” to “Second Baptist Church” in 1917.